Dr Heckroodt Laubscher

Specialist Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgeon

Common causes for shoulder pain:

Shoulder pain in the adult patient can be very confusing for both the patient and doctor alike. Not only does pain often refer to different parts of the shoulder, neck and upper arm but the anatomy of the shoulder is for many doctors confusing.

Signs & Symptoms that you should be on the lookout:
(please consult a physician should identify any of the below):
  • The shoulder is an important joint in your body due to its range of movement. It is integral to being able to perform duties overhead, reaching your back and stretching out to grab hold of something. It is a joint with little inherent stability and therefore if a weakness / defect develops in some of its stabilisers (muscle or bone) it can lead to persistent poor function.
  • History of trauma with weakness that lasts more than few days.
  • Inability to lift arm above shoulder height (using your other arm to help).
  • Shoulder pain at night and at rest.
  • Deformity in your shoulder.
  • Neck and shoulder pain accompanied with “pins & needles” down the arm.
  • Limited movement (not able to tuck in shirt at your back).
  • Repetitive / recurrent shoulder dislocations.